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Ellie Doolan

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I am a creative and detail-oriented designer with a passion for creating beautiful and effective visual design solutions looking for new opportunities. In my previous role, I worked as the design lead at a B2B digital marketing agency. I led the web development and design team in defining and enabling best-in-class design and democratising it for all clients across all touchpoints within the organisation. Facilitating discovery sessions with executives about the power of design, being the brand custodian for the agency, and mentoring a junior designer were also part of my responsibilities as the design lead.


UI Concept 2022

App update and rebrand.

Omada One 2021
Logo design, Brand creation & website creation

PMCV 2021

Digital annual report. 73 pages

Step Fwd IT 2021- 2022

Digital whitepapers

Single launch poster 2019

Brisbane musician advertising.

DGiT 2020

Printed brochure and magazine ads

Fujitsu, Inetum, PMCV 2020 - 2022

Alike to the everyday consumer, key decision-makers also need assurance and trust, but the design also needs to speak to them as humans first. The very first touchpoint may be an ad or a social post, then maybe a landing page to an email newsletter. Without consistency, a brand cannot successfully deliver a cohesive and meaningful message.

Joinin 2021

Joinin, an alternative to zoom, is a highly customisable platform. For SaaS clients, there's a sweet spot to hit to influence. To deliver a message fast, illustrations get the point across clearly and swiftly. For proof and credibility: actual product images or even better, videos of it in use. 

Seertech Solutions 2021

Brand refresh. Seertech lacked branding consistency, impacting their credibility and trust factor as they rapidly grow. Their primary issue was the bad design throughout their Microsoft templates. Starting there, I had a few calls with the company executives to find their biggest pain points and began conceptualizing an updated style guide until approval then rebuilt their Powerpoint, Word, Google docs and Google slide templates. Following this, we would begin the rollout across the website and digital marketing.

Boiling Point 2021 -2022

Rebrand & website design update