Omada One

Brand identity creation

Omada One (Greek for 'team') had only settled on a name when they first came through the agency. The founder with a background in the military was looking for a design to match their contribution to help back-end offices and contact centers surpass their goals by using productive, high-performing teams.  The logo came to life after I planned and met with their lead digital marketer, as well as virtual interviews with the chairperson and various leaders of the company for design captures. It is with this information that I learned about their ambition to strive for the best. The logo creation represents not only a team but the climbing of a graph, portraying the surpassing of what has previously assumed the height of performance but reaching further via extraordinary displays of transformation and teamwork. 

With the nature of Omada coming through the agency, between myself and the marketing project manager we decided a pragmatic solution would be to provide the Omada One team with their bear essentials for now, and as the retainer grew, we could include more detail and inclusivity into their brands style guide to grow it into a brand book over time. The first version of the style guide included a logo overview, usage (do's and dont's, clear-space specifications and minimum size) iconography (specs and library), typography including usage of open fonts, and secondary typography along with strict rules for each and finally, tone of voice. At the close of this project, Omada One had a strong consistent brand, a comprehensive guide delivering their brand personality and identity, a logo suite, image library, icon library, a website, as well as a temporary website with a dynamic background built with motion design.


SaaS illustrations

B2B experts argue that users only want to see the screenshots of the product in action rather than graphics or illustrations of people and products. I disagree. These things should co-exist. Delivering a message fast: the illustrations gets the point across clearly and swiftly. Proof and credibility: actual product images or even better, videos of it in use. This is the approach I take for SaaS companies.

Seertech Solutions

Visual identity refresh

Seertech Solutions are a company with more than 2 million users of their LMS across more than 180 countries. The only problem was they lacked branding consistency, impacting their credibility and trust factor. Seertech Solutions is a global technology business delivering mission-critical learning and compliance management solutions for our customers. They deliver core Learning Management System (LMS) to meet complex, global and industry-specific needs for organisations all over the world.

*More to come!

Inetum, Michelson Alexander, Fujitsu, PMCV

Social media: LinkedIn campaign

We are exposed to 4000 to 10000 ads daily. How are we supposed to stand out from the competition? In the B2B world, marketing is not pleasure-driven the way B2C is, but there is still an emotion that comes into play, fear. Alike to the everyday consumer, key decision-makers do need assurance and trust, but the design also needs to speak to them as humans first. The very first touchpoint may be an ad or a social post, then maybe a landing page to an email newsletter. Without consistency, a brand cannot successfully deliver a cohesive and meaningful message.