Brisbane Opal Museum & Jewellers


The Brisbane Opal Museum and Jewellery Shop is a privately owned business run by an Australian opal fanatic and his French, photographer wife. The business is growing at a rate much faster than anticipated and after they moved to a larger location, it was time for some fresh new advertising. 

The purpose of this brochure was to attract customers to the museum first and foremost. While there is a jewellery shop attached to the museum, I had to use colours that atoned for the sense of luxury without taking away the main idea of the museum. My duty was to subtly design this brochure to fit with affluent customers to pick up, whether they were looking for tours or unique jewellery.


This project was challenging for me. Keeping in touch with the client was a very regular occurrence. Without this, I wouldn't have been able to complete this task to their satisfaction.


 I was met with rigid production barriers a few drafts in and while I ultimately advised against a few directions the project was taking, in the end, I did the best with what I could. My duty was to meet the clients' needs and solving their problems. I am proud to say I achieved this.

If I had the opportunity to re-do this project, I would strongly recommend to the client to allow me to create a brochure for shop marketing, separate from a brochure for museum marketing. 

The brochures are currently on display around Brisbane tourism kiosks and select hotels, and the airport advertising is set to be released mid-March 2020.