Brand refresh & style guide creation

AgriProve is a rapid growth company that had little to no documentation of the visual brand. The problem they were facing was their team were all using different typefaces, different email signatures, and different Microsoft templates - if they used them at all. I spoke to executives and their marketing manager to pinpoint their main issues and explained to them how disruption and inconsistency of design can impact a company's trust factor. The client was happy with my expertise and after my discovery session, I began fitting out a concept of a brand. After confirming my notes from our meeting I started a brand concept, and with a few reviews, we had a strong style guide to share with internal team members and 3rd parties. Following this, I provided the team with 4 internal templates in Word, 1 template in PowerPoint, and 1 template in Excel.

Brand refresh & style guide update

Seertech Solutions, a global LMS provider lacked branding consistency as the company grew faster than the design could keep up. Their primary issue was the bad design throughout the website and their Microsoft templates. During discovery, it was made clear the priority was the poorly designed Microsoft templates that rendered them difficult to use, and difficult for their clients to read. I had a few calls with their team to find their biggest pain points and began conceptualizing an updated style guide until approval. Following this I rebuilt their Powerpoint, Word, Google docs and Google slide templates providing strict rules on how the collateral can and can't be used as it was shared with the team. I set up many locked formats within the templates so the Seertech team would never find themselves in a situation where they send a sales package to a client with a poorly functioning design.